Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The whites are gray!

Ever notice no matter if you just wash your whites with whites, and use bleach, inevitably they still end up gray! I haven't quite figured out how to bypass this conundrum, and it is truly one of the most irritating things I deal with! Honestly, I can keep the same colored shirts for years, but white shirts, replace after 6 months or you have an ugly looking gray shirt!

Ever notice how that's kind of the same way with relationships? Granted, I'm not saying there aren't "white" relationships, but typically the lifecycle of a friendly relationship seems to go: Meet, hit it off, share common ground, become closer, share all your time together, get annoyed, share less time together, focus on differences, and bam, you're in Grayville! Why is that? Why do so many of us either allow ourselves to get close to those that are so different that when those differences manifest themselves it's a relationship ender, or allow ourselves to find petty differences that "gray" our otherwise "white" relationship? I understand that sometimes people have discrepancies, and different ways of accomplishing goals or ambitions, but for the most part, in a relationship your goals and ambitions tend to be the same, so why allow the means to become a conflict? Why allow the way the other half would like to achieve the same goals become such a qualm that it diminishes the quality of the relationship? I guess my goal and hopefully I'm able to persuade others to share, is to focus on the results, what do you want to accomplish in your relationship? What do you want to get out of your partner to be happy? Differences in the result maybe be frustrating trials to overcome at times, but if you can evaluate from an objective standpoint, looking at the end and going in reverse, if both ways leave you happy, why not conceed your way? Why not give a little, to gain a lot? Don't let the relationships go gray when it's not necessary!

Steven out!

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