Monday, March 28, 2011

The nothing of nothingness.

Ever been alone? Almost completely? Ever had the one you planned on spending forever with and your best friend leave you within a month? Ever had to come to the realization that you're virtually alone when it comes to people that you see on a day to day basis, that would have any concept on the inner workings of your heart? Ever had that situation where there's no one around for you to gossip with, for you to vent to, that listens to your story and shares theirs with you? I do. In fact, I'm going through it right now, and I'm coming to the realization that life is hard to live alone. It's lonely, and the emptiness of being alone is dark, and bleak. I have a couple great friends, but they have their lives, and the amount of time I get to see them is rare if ever. The emptiness and loneliness of being 100% alone is at times, seemingly, insurmountable. What a crossroads to be in, where I once spent all my time with someone, while not the best times, was still someone that I was able to spend time with; what I wouldn't give to have that one person to spend all my time with and share everything with. You don't realize what the gap between 0 and 1 really is, until you've had to deal with it. One person, to love, give me purpose, let me take care of them, let me make them happy, and have them know I'm happy simply because they're part of my life.

Steven out

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