Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best Buy I'm going to punch you so hard!

A few weeks ago, my dream phone took a dive down three stories worth of stairs, and despite a protective case, and rubber insulator to ease impact, my screen was not match for the force. Luckily, I had the foresight to purchase Best Buy's AMAZING Black Tie Protection Plan! Or so I thought... Turns out, I did buy the plan, it just wasn't so amazing! I was told my phone would need to be sent away, and inspected/repaired. Fine, I can live with that, however, when I inquired about a temporary phone they told me, "You have to pay a $150 deposit". I get that I'd get the money back, but guess what! I don't even have $150 in my account for you to hold. So, I have to go to my AMAZING best buddy Seth and grab an iPhone he had lying around (I know, my friends are great, who just happens to have an extra iPhone laying around? My buddies!) and transfer my SIM card. So, while I was there they told me it'd be three days until my phone was back, unbelievable I know, but they said it, not me. In three days I ventured back to Best Buy, eagerly awaiting the return of my long time friend and most anticipated reunion! I walk to the Geek Squad counter, where I am promptly met with a line that begins to intrude on the appliances section, where I wait over an hour to get to the counter! I had waited patiently, and the very cordial desk attendant was thus forced to meet my patience with the disappointing news that my phone had not reaching the store yet. I was moderately distraught, irate, and in fact saddened, but I was not necessarily shocked, I simply asked the man younger than I, "How long do you think it will be?". His reply had me optimistic, "Within the next couple days, in fact I will call you personally when it is received!". Not pointing out the fact that calling me would be impossible since they had my phone if I had not had such a great friend to lend me his phone, I left with a sense of calm and relieve that my phone would be in my possession shortly. I have called Best Buy everyday for the last three weeks, waiting, fuming, and complaining the time away, and it has still not arrived. I got the phone not for the price, but for the functionality, I enjoy the Android OS, the processor and RAM were all what I wanted, but the price is getting to me the most. A $600 phone, with an additional $200 for the protection plan, and I am out for over three weeks. I always tell my team, under-promise, and over deliver, when you say three days for a resolution, make sure that's the longer end of the spectrum, and deliver a result in 2 days. If you promise 2 days, and deliver in a month, your customer is more upset than if you'd have originally promised a month. Best Buy, for not delivering on time, for constantly wasting my time, and letting me down, I am going to punch you so hard!!! (AND you over charge for any sort of cables, SATA, HDMI, anything! i hated you for that already)

Steven O-U-T-K-A-S-T!

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