Monday, March 28, 2011

The Grind!

Anyone who's ever worked on meeting a date for software knows the kind of grind it takes to get the software ready for launch. One of the more glorified jobs for nerds everywhere is video game development and programming, what's not know is the amount of work and time it actually takes to develope a video game to the point it can be released, and how little you actually get to just "play games". 80 hours plus a week, time taken from your family, code for the game, code for the tools, code for the networking, infrastructure, network engineering, concept design, engine building, etc. Hundreds of thousands, to quite literally, millions of functions have to be performed in order to produce a product that can be utilized without problem. Typically, however, video games require very little support after their initial launch (although that is becoming less and less true with video games becoming more and more internet driven.), the true grind is for those who not only develope the software they put out, but do daily support as well. Since the beginning of the year, my company has been working dilligently on producing the latest version of our software, and already I've averaged almost 60 hours a week. With Verion 10 (WOO HOO!!!) finally out for client distribution, the grind is expected to be more like 80 hours a week. My grind is only just beginning, and the outlook is seriously daunting! Somehow  my urge to work more than I sleep or enjoy leisure time combined has just never really been there. I firmly believe the grind is going to kill me. If nobody sees a new post from me after three weeks, just start planning my wake.

Steven OUT!

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