Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pet Peeve!

Alright, I'm taking a moment to vent about on of my biggest pet peeves. I can't stand when people try to one up you with how hard something is, or complain to you that something is soooooo much harder than anything you might have going on in your life, and they can't do anything because you don't even understand how difficult their school, or work, or making of assless chaps is!!!

Here's the thing, lets take a look at a hypothetical friend of mine. We've tried to coerce him out of his house about a billion times, and everytime it's, "I can't, I have to write a paper. I'm being a dick because you don't understand how demanding my communications classes are." LISTEN SHIT LORD! I've had enough. For every asshole who complains about working 45 hours a week, there's a single mother working 80.  For every senseless son of a bitch saying they can't work because they're in nursing school (Dig!), there's someone else working two jobs and doing it, and for every girl doing law school at BYU with a husband who makes good money there's someone doing law school and working 40 hours a week. So, don't tell me you're shit is too monumental to handle, because there's always someone doing the same thing and handling it better than you, and finding time for the people they care about.

I hate it when people start comparing degrees, and even though I love my best friend's wife, she had a nasty knack for doing this too. Where she'd say, "Oh, I can't do such and such because Chemistry is such a hard degree." Listen, I get it's difficult to multitask, but Chemistry is not infinitely more difficult, if it is more difficult at all, than Computer Engineering, and yet, I manage to find time to enjoy others company. I HATE when people try to compare degrees and promote theirs as the most difficult thing anyone could possibly ever do, and no one can possibly fathom how difficult it is. I took the Series 7, had Finals the same time, and still found time for people, and I wouldn't even claim that's the most difficult schedule one could have!

I know a girl who is in school right now, and used to work like 80 hours a week herself, and still found time to do photo shoots, hang out with her peeps, and play the piano. I have a mother who worked full time, got her Masters, had four kids, a husband, and still managed to find time to cook Sunday dinner and watch a movie with her kids. Don't tell me your schedule is just sooooo demanding it would be absolutely impossible to do anything outside of sit in your house alone! I know otherwise!

Sorry... That's my pet peeve. You are not special or unique in what you're going through at any given moment, for everything you have, there's always someone going through something worse or more demanding. It has to do with motivation, and your want to make time for the people who care about you. I love my people, especially those who make time in their busy schedules to chill with someone who just wants to spend time in their company. Whether that's an Aunt who volunteers for almost everything her kids are involved with, works full time, and has her kids to tend to. Or an amazing girl, who amidst her 16 credit hours, countless mounds of homework, photo shoots, her family, etc still wants to hang out on a Sunday morning. I guess that's what makes productive people great. They're motivated without being neglectful.

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