Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Mind Doesn't Work

I think I need some Adderrall... I've been trying to help a friend of mine study for tests she has coming up for the end of the semester, and I'm sure I have ADD. My attention span seems to be decreasing the older I get, and not increasing. I'm terrible about staying on point and getting things done. It probably doesn't help that she's gorgeous, and I'm obviously crazy for her, but still.

Even alone, I tried putting on music and get going on some reading and writing. I found music with words inevitably detracts from my ability to focus. And dubstep or techno makes me neurotic. So, of course I ended up going with the Old Faithful of my listening stations, which is my Lord of the Rings soundtrack station! I know, this is so incredibly nerdy, but it is so relaxing and able to keep me focused. If I can just keep this focus and see this through, we may make sure she passes this semester yet.

I had an amazing day... I couldn't be happier.

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