Friday, December 7, 2012


Started a new job this week all, and let me tell you, it is awesome! Super stressful right now, and honestly, I've had multiple bloody noses just about everyday since I started, which I've been told is probably caused by my stress. All in all, however, this job is awesome! It is fairly cushy with the opportunity to make a lot more money than I ever really thought I would, or at least anytime before I was 35+. It is very gratifying to know I'm now in a position where a sustainable, and lucritive career is possible. As awesome as everything is right now, it is seriously stressful. The new job is always a bit of added stress, no matter how smooth or easy the transition is, there's always getting to know new people, and getting used to a new setup, systems, protocols, etc.

Additionally, right now I've been hanging out with Erin just about everyday, which is great, but I'm in such a feelings limbo right now, it's crazy. Unfortunately, she leaves to Hawaii next week, and I'm not going to see her for a while. So, I can't do much of anything about it. Ugh!!! This is the worst state ever! I got asked out at the gym two or three days ago, and said no. Know why? Because I don't really care what propositions I get, I don't want to jeopardize my chances. I have a goal, I know what I want, if I fail, so be it, but before I look to anything else, I want to know if I failed, or succeeded first. To add on to all of that, I constantly panic, and second guess any chance of success, which only makes me more anxious! Oh well. What can you do?

So, I'm sitting in limbo with my job right now, and my personal life, and unfortunately, answers and productivity seem to be destined to require waiting until January. Hope things are awesome for everyone... Even if they're not, hopefully you know eh? :D

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  1. Sorry your new job comes with some stress. Stuff your nose with tampons until you can chill out.

    Hope you passed the test you were supposed to take today.