Monday, December 10, 2012

Ah yeah!

So, a couple big things happening now pertaining to my new job. A. I've filed my U4 and gotten everything going in terms of getting registered and ready to actually begin performing the functions of my job. Which in case you didn't know, is AWESOME! It means I will start making the money that I want to, sooner, rather than later!

The second awesome thing that happened was a buddy of mine from Etrade, interviewed and was immediately asked to fill out pre-hire paperwork. This is a great sign, and honestly, from the people I've worked with, he deserves the step up more than just about anyone. I'm excited at the prospect of him getting the job, it'll be nice to have a friendly face around, and the $5000.00 bonus I get if he stays 6 months makes it enticing too.

Outside of that, I've been managing to keep busy. As virtually everyone knows, it's typically through the gym. Lately also been through Erin and assisting her with whatever she needs, which is typically school stuff, or getting to school! I joked with her that she must be the most productive person ever, and through attrition, I've become the second most productive person ever.

We did something very amazing yesterday though. A lot of times, it's easy to forget how fortunate we all are, and how much we take advantage of the everyday items in our lives. So, yesterday Erin and I bought Christmas for a Sub for Santa kid we signed up for. It was largely easy to do, I mean, I'm mostly still a 12 year old boy myself, so shopping for me, wasn't overly difficult. We got him EVERYTHING on his list, the skateboard, snow boots, clothes, bike stuff, Halo 4, and all the other shit that 12 year old boys want... Maybe minus the porn. As we were shopping, I initially was somewhat reserved and reluctant, I mean, the email did say we didn't need to buy him everything on the list. But, Erin was determined to get him everything he needed, and had obviously asked for because it was a need, and then ensure his Christmas was amazing, by getting him the things he wanted.

I noticed as we kept shopping and picking things up, I kept enjoying it more, and kept wanting to give more myself. Not only did we get him everything on the list, but we found out our Sub for Santa, had a brother, and Erin, being the kind of person she is, instantly thought of trying to provide the brother gifts, even though he'd been Subbed for as well. Her fear, "Well maybe he won't get as much as we got ours." It's hard not to admire that, and the sense of gratification I got from buying this boy Christmas, was almost enough to make the whole Christmas thing worth it again.

I'm hoping to make this a tradition, and emplore anyone who can, to look outward, and become grateful for what you have, after giving to someone who has so much less.

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