Monday, December 17, 2012

The Mountain

Great day today! First off, yeah, I played a bit of hookie. Disapprove? Tough!  Sometimes it's alright to play some hookie, and sometimes it's okay to do it for the sake of taking an enjoyable ride down a mountain at break neck speeds and letting go of gravity by hitting a kicker as fast as you can. The only problem with today? Yeah, my toe is broken and I  still went boarding.

My toe is broken because I was getting some toquitos out of the freezer, and unfortunately when I opened the freezer door, a monster frozen roast fell right on my toe. So, needless to say, going snowboarding today on the broken toe was extremely painful, but once the adrenaline starts pumping, I didn't feel it anyways, I just boarded! Boarding, is an amazing escape for me. Being alone on a silent forested mountain, with fresh powder and no one around gives me a chance to just glide and fly, and leave all the bull shit of the rest of my life behind me.

If you've never been snowboarding, I suggest you give it a try if it's something that appeals at all to you, but more importantly, find your "snowboarding" What do you do that lets your mind be completely free, if only for a little while? It's important to find out escapes, and figure out what allows us to get away from the grind, if only for a minute. Most people know mine, working out, snowboarding, and football. I typically try to be a giving, and accommodating person, and while I do enjoy that, there are times when the demand of that and work and myself make it absolutely essential to take a timeout for myself.

Lately I feel like I've been on an emotional roller coaster, on several fronts. Dealing with family issues that haven't ever been encountered by me or my family. Dealing with a new job and getting used to that. Having one of my best friends find a girlfriend he spends so much time with that I now rarely see him. And of course my girl issues, being stuck in limbo with a girl I am crazy for, and knowing will potentially end up bad for me. I know, none of it sounds like a lot, and in fact, it probably isn't, but it does weigh on me, and unfortunately, I do not cope the best with stress. I have a nasty knack for getting depressed and just shutting down from the stress overload, but my escapes have helped me. Today, was especially great for that. I feel recharged, I feel like launching off those kickers just left a lot of my uneasiness behind, and that no matter what, worst case scenario, I always have the option to make myself happy by hitting the mountain, and none of those concerns, can take that away.

Hope you all had a good day too! I'm off to eat some Sush and chill with good friends, maybe you're even one of them!

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