Friday, April 22, 2011

What to do?

Alright, I've had enough! I'm sick of not having much to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights! I have no idea how people find friends or partners outside of high school or people they've known forever! I mean, the club is not really my scene, but if I have to go to one, I will. I will rove State Street on my bike, and see what I can get to jump on the back, but somehow I don't think that's going to generate the sort of quality I'm looking for in friends. I could go to Piper Down, but if I can't approach anybody it does me very little good. I'm beginning to see why shows like "I Love You Man" are less and less funny and more and more a guide to finding a friend to be your best man, and why more and more people use services like eHarmony, because meeting new people is hard. A. People travel in packs, so going to the club alone, you're going to a hostile environment where cutting through the backs of people pointed at you is nearly impossible. B. People are just as scared as you are towards putting themselves out there and being rejected, so they stick with what they know. With two major contributors factoring against you, it leaves you to find common place with whoever you decide to try and associate with. A few things wrok against me there, A. My work place, which for most people could be a bountiful source of friendship and partner potential is barely more than 20 people, where Jaymes and I are the youngest people by a substantial margine, and have no girls our age, except one who is occupied. B. I don't go to church, so the whole annual meet and greet is not readily available for me in that sense. C. I'm not in school right now, maybe I'll just go hang out on campus and scout the area. In anycase, Friday nights home alone suck, so I really need to figure something out.

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