Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rap on the day!

Woke up this morning with a not so pleasant disposition, trying to shake it of, not let my head affect my mission. Stepped out the front door and back into solitary confinement, when you're all alone there's not a situation that the word "solitary" isn't led to define it. Drove up to the building, not wanting to work, came in with a glare and others thought jerked to "Jerk!". My demeanor is bad, my work ethic is poor, I don't want to be here, want to walk back out the door. Forced to move, forced to comply, forced to work, just want to sit and cry. When my house is empty, and I'm again all alone, I'll pull up a chair and talk to myself on the phone. It wasn't this way before, I wasn't alone, and I don't want to be anymore. This funk I'm in, the rut that I've fallen into, isn't worth getting out of, if there's no one to interest you. Were we solitary? What's worth more than monetary? A darlin for me. Made to brighten my day, turn my skies from gray. Give me a sense of purpose, never to hurt us, provide, love, and guide us. When you're the one, you'll know? I surely hope so, but so much is built up by simple twitterpation, obsession, an emotional trap and infatuation! Why isn't there a more straight forward guide, for a straight forward guy, just lookin to help you fly? Be everything that compromises the "apple" of your eye! Anyways, this song just shifted, thinking of you and my spirits just lifted. So ends the song on a happy note, in a resolution, that you're what makes my heart float!

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