Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Serenity now!!!

Finally, I have some time, work has finally calmed down to the point where I am able to do some writing, oh, did I mention it's almost 6 and I'm still here?!?!? It's already been here 11 hours, and by the time I am finished, it will be at least 12! Since coming into the day I was already at 80 hours, all of today, and my minimum of 8 hours tomorrow is straight over time! Sounds awesome, right? NO! I don't care about the money, my mental well-being is horribly shot right now. I am dreading waking up, and putting in the longer days than I anticipate. I get off lucky because my team and the people around me are amazing, but there is still only so much you can take before a mental health day is in order. Oh wait, I can't even take one of those either, because my sister decided a wedding was more important. I'm excited for her to get married, I'm excited for her to have found someone, but man alive I'd rather spend my PTO on something I want to do!

Anyways, the weekend was awesome, I'm ready for another one. Went to a party, and it got me very motivated to get out and go do some more stuff. The bike is a great distraction and hopefully it gives me a point of conversation once I am able to drive it wherever I want. And I should quit my bitching but, whatever, complain if you want!

Steven OUT!

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  1. You are soooo right! Those people at your work sound AMAZING! And that Mindy girl? Totally cool. Oh, maybe you haven't mentioned her yet. Weird.

    Chin up' Charlie (O: It will be Nacho Day sooon....