Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo to Sixo Del Stinko!

Today is Cinco De Mayo, so let me begin by proving my ignorance in saying, I have no idea why we celebrate this day, what it represents, or any significance, however, I can appreciate the 29 cent tacos at Del Taco, the reason to crack open a can of salsa and bag of tortilla chips to prove you're festive, and over indulge in all things Tex Mex. So, Cinco De Mayo, I've celebrated you for years, and tonight I'll drink to the worm in your honor!

In case you were wondering, tomorrow, is not Cinco De Mayo. On the contrary, tomorrow is actually the 6th of May, a day that will forever be celebrated by my mother as the anniversary of the day one of her children proved the critics wrong when they all said, "None of your kids will get married!"! IN YOUR FACE! The golden child rides to victory and ties the knot! Tomorrow will be a day my sister celebrates as the anniversary of her marriage to her husband! Tomorrow will be the day she can always justify sending the kids to bed early for a little "alone time" with her "Gweggy", and forcing him to rub her back, buy her presents they don't have the money for, and eating a whole tub of ice cream worth of dessert because it's a "special" day.

Tomorrow for me, however, represents something entirely different. The littlest (Tied for littlest, she's a twin) sister beats the big brother to the marriage line, little sister once again solidifies big brother as a loss, failure, and all around disappointment. A great way to remind someone that their relationship failed, and that little sister is succeeding where the inadequate older brother could not, is by getting married, especially right after big brother has to move into the newly vacated room in the mother's house left by little sister. I don't even get the worst of it though, the twin has newly founded distain for the other twin by the newly acquired on pour of, "When are you getting married?" "Why aren't you married?" "Your twin is married you know?". I'm worried about the safety of the other, afterall, they did try to kill each other already, granted it was in the womb with an ambilical chord, but murderous tendencies remain forever with twins. Obviously, most of this is in jest, I couldn't be happier for my little sister and I want her to live a full and enjoyable life with her husband.

Happy wedding Mycha, I love you. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Happy Unbelievable Sales Day tequila companies!

Steven OUT!

P.S. You're a bitch if you don't drink the worm.

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